Our Value Proposition
Sugarloaf Associates Energy Advisory group has a deep understanding of utility issues, methods, technologies, infrastructure and costs, with experience in both utility economic development and customer service.

  • Technical Expertise:
    We understand the intricate and technical aspects of alternative energy supply. Our utility technical expertise merged with our economic development experience allows us to view projects strategically and tactically in a seamless process.
  • Analytic Preparation:
    Our site evaluations are wide-angled, taking into account local zoning, potential development yield, utility infrastructure, utility relocation requirements, site constraints and potential community impact concerns.
  • Risk Management:
    We work with clients and their real estate advisors to evaluate and qualify risk while ranking each potential site in an apple to apple comparative manner.
  • Project Positioning:
    We present community benefits, and competitive positioning among candidate jurisdictions. We obtain development approvals and utility commitments for finalist site(s).
  • Post Closing follow through:
    We carefully monitor post installation to ensure that the project fulfills the client’ energy objectives.