We provide value-added, strategic consulting on behalf of corporations, builders, developers, economic developers and municipalities. Our comprehensive Energy Services include:

  • Data Center Pre-Qualified Site:
    Our team offers a multi-step approach of assessing a sites strengths and weaknesses for attracting data center development with preliminary due diligence to assure suitability for data center development and offers a “Pre-Qualified Data Center Site” certification.
    For: Developers, Utilities.

  • Mission Critical Facilities Services:
    We assist data centers, disaster recovery and other specialized capital-intensive projects with managing the complex location requirements and public sector variables by pre-qualifying sites, assessing project feasibility, profitability, timing, cost and business continuity issues.
  • Utility Location Services: (Gas, Electric, Telecom, Water, Sewer)
    We assist companies with redevelopment projects, expansions, or new service layouts; from initial site selection and utility analysis through incentives negotiation and documentation and compliance. LEARN MORE
  • Solar
    We identify the size and type solar system to meet your needs, evaluate panel potential shading and/or orientation encumbrances to maximize solar energy production and identify preliminary utility infrastructure in the area for accessing their distribution system.  LEARN MORE
  • Infrastructure Assessment Services:
    Review and analyze sites for new construction (Greenfield) or redevelopment (Brownfield) to identify infrastructure availability or relocation that impact a projects success.  LEARN MORE
  • Energy Optimization Services / Business Continuity:
    We evaluate energy conservation improvement options, evaluate utility billing rate structure for appropriate billing class, energy auditing services for improved efficiency, oversee installation of conservation measures, perform post installation monitoring services to demonstrate savings and assure satisfaction.  LEARN MORE
  • Energy Procurement Services:
    We assist companies with the acquisition of energy from third party suppliers, managing initial RFP through contract negotiation and agreements.  LEARN MORE

Our services can be integrated into any stage of the corporate relocation or expansion process.