Saved the
developer a
total estimated
$1 million


The initial electric design for the project required the removal of existing electric overhead utility infrastructure throughout the site in order to replace it with new overhead infrastructure to support the planned upgrade from single phase electric service to three phase electric service.

Sugarloaf Associates, LLC worked with the electric utility company and the developer to redesign the new electric supply so only single phase service was required.

This required two single phase service drops to each of the larger buildings which are typically outside the service policy of the utility.

Sugarloaf Associates, LLC suggested and convinced the utility to allow dual service drops to the larger buildings which saved the developer money and the utility time and significant manpower by not needing to replace their entire infrastructure.

The result was an estimated $1 million savings.


This same developer was being asked to place money on deposit with the utility for taking over responsibility for all the customer accounts at the apartment complex during the renovation tying up money allotted for work on the site.

The designated developer taking responsibility for the housing project was advised by the local utility company there would be an assessment of $200,000 in deposits for assuming all the electric and gas accounts for all the apartments.

The utility required deposits even though the buildings would be vacant during the redevelopment process.

Sugarloaf Associates, LLC successfully negotiated with the utility company to get them to waive the deposits by identifying that many of the buildings would be vacant during re-construction and the credit worthiness of the developer did not jeopardize receipt of payment any incidental energy used during the redevelopment process for any of the units.