Advising client
to add extra
capacity to electric infrastructure,
allowed developer
to capitalize on
new opportunities


A commercial developer in the process of planning a 26kV electrical service for a new data center tenant was advised to add capacity to the planned station to accommodate future expansion. The initial design was for an 8mW station with client installing 20mW of capacity. This added capacity allowed the owner to lease additional space to the existing tenant tripling the amount of space in the building from 30k sq. ft. to 90k sq. ft. of white space.

When an adjacent building became available for sale, knowing that capacity was available at the site, it was suggested to the owner to purchase the site for development as a data center.

The result was that the owner purchased the adjacent site, demolished the building and constructed a 215,000 sq. ft. shell for the existing tenant. The tenant then fit out the interior for data center use expanding the total available white space at the site to 190,000 sq. ft.

When complete the owner sold the development (both buildings) to the tenant.